Haro Station Wine Experience Special Tasting Box

Haro Station Wine Experience Special Tasting Box

We want to celebrate the Haro Station Wine Experience and give you the opportunity to enjoy our essence: our wines. Therefore, as a loyal attendee, we would like to make you a special offer with 6 wines selected from the event. Enjoy them with the best company!

The Haro Station Wine Experience Special Tasting Box consists of the following wines:

  • 1 bottle RODA 2016

  • 1 bottle Viña Pomal Gran Reserva 2012

  • 1 bottle Imperial Reserva 2016

  • 1 bottle Flor de Muga Rosado

  • 1 bottle Viña Ardanza Selección Especial 2010

  • 1 bottle Gómez Cruzado HONORABLE 2016


Send an email message to: info@lacatadelbarriodelaestacion.com, indicating in the SUBJECT: SPECIAL TASTING BOX REQUEST + YOUR FULL NAME. Your request will be processed and the way to make the purchase will be indicated.


Request for orders until July 10.

The price of the SPECIAL TASTING BOX is €95.00 incl. VAT. Offer for buyers who have a valid ticket for the event. If you do not have tickets and wish to purchase the Box, the price is 155.00 incl. VAT.
Price includes: shipping to mainland Spain and VAT (check rates for island and international shipments). Only one shipment will be made per validated ticket. There is no limit to the number of boxes.